What is a Club and who are the owners?

What is a Club and who are the owners?

I will start with some definitions I found on the web such as Merriam-Webster and others.

Club – An association dedicated to a particular interest or activity – A group of people who meet to participate in an activity

Participate – To take part in – To join with others in doing something

At a previous meeting the membership was informed of some of the difficulties with the securing of judges for the Clinics, size of the pool of judges and consistency and quality of the judging. It was questioned if judged Clinics were the way to go or perhaps there are alternatives. If any members had ideas or suggestions on changes or a different way, we would like to hear them.

A comment was put forth that this should not have been brought forward to the membership and it is up to the Executive to deal with these types of issues.

The implication here is – we, the membership, are just here for a good time that is provided for us. We don’t want to hear about any problems and they should just be handled by “the Executive group”.

This may somewhat apply to a paid management, but your Executive is comprised of volunteers that give back to the club in exchange for the pleasure, knowledge and whatever other things each of us receives from the benefit of membership. We give our free time to assist the membership in the running of the club.

I have heard remarks that there are not enough group outings, but there is certainly a lack of input with ideas for these, from a group of over one hundred people.

Some have joined as members but later dropped their membership because they felt they were not being provided with enough value for their membership fee. In most cases, instead of getting involved, suggesting improvements, or volunteering to help, they went in search of some other place that would provide what they were looking for. Your membership fee is not an entitlement to free entertainment. It pays for the associated costs of running the club, meeting space, insurance, equipment, guest speakers, workshops and so on. This is your club. It needs your fresh ideas and participation to be vibrant and grow. Any organization that stagnates will surly wither away.

The club has a good number of long time members of which many have held Executive positions, hosted workshops and presentations. We are lucky to have them. Some always step up when needed for the benefit of us all and they deserve our thanks. Many just sit back quietly and enjoy what is provided. This year we had some newer members join the executive. This is great as new ideas and thoughts are presented. More is always needed. Think about an outing you would like to have and suggest it. You don’t need to organize it (although that would be nice). If you know of a place that would accept putting out our program flyer, coffee shop, art gallery, church, or where ever, ask me for some. This could help with bringing in new members with new ideas. Elections are coming up in May, consider running for Executive. Get involved.

That being said, it is your club. It needs your ideas, input and participation to be vibrant and fresh.


Tom Kallsen
Hamilton Camera Club