Virtual Potluck Xmas Social

Virtual Potluck Xmas Social

Christmas Potluck Virtual Dinner – December 14th, 2020

Review provided by Tom Kallsen, Dec 17th

This year, due to Covid-19, our much anticipated Potluck Social evening could only be done through our online platform. Unfortunately this meant we could not share and partake in all the delicious food others share at this event, although I’m told one member did drop off their delicious desert to someone in dire need of their fix. Even though everyone was relegated to eating their own creation at least we all knew we had a meal we enjoyed. An upside was also that we could imbibe in our favourite spirits and beverages with dinner. The turnout for this was tremendous with about fifty percent of the membership joining in.

Our Vice president, Dave, was our emcee for the evening and provided us with some jokes and riddles. After a social time and enjoying our meals John provided us a showing of the images from the scavenger hunt. This year, instead of having to go out and shoot for the topics, we were able to go through our archives and submit any images we had for the topics. Participation in this was also very good with approximately 250 images. There certainly are a lot of talented people in the HCC. To finish off the evening, there was a Trivia Quiz and contest put together by yours truly. There were questions ranging from fairly easy to hard and almost insane. Included in the quiz were three prize questions. I tried to make sure these were not too difficult so all had an equal chance to win. Congratulations to the winners! With the more obscure and insane ones, I provided the background information to the answers and members seemed to appreciate that. Now we all know that anyone with a spare $2,080,000 can set a new record for the most expensive consumer camera lens, which currently is $2,070,000. Based on some of the answers, some were able to learn some info they can apply and we all learned things that have no practical impact on our lives but can make us sound very smart.

I want to thank the executive team for helping me by supplying some of the questions. A special thanks to all who helped put this evening together and also to everyone who joined. Your participation in these events is what keeps this club vibrant, educational and fun.