Toy Photography with Gail MacLellan

Toy Photography with Gail MacLellan

A Review by Dave Bauer –

Toy photography or any still life photography for that matter has never been my area of interest to this point. It is obviously a passion for Gail as she presented example after example of scenes and set ups of her toy photography. Gail presented the craft in simple easy to follow terms, giving us little tips all along the way and utilizing many images of setup to finished product to illustrate her points. Toy photography is one form that involves total control of the art by the photographer. A bit intimidating at first perhaps, but the art of toy photography is all about “perception,” or how to show an atmosphere of realism using hard plastic items that in themselves are not real.

Gail stressed that sets should be simple, but designed to fool the eye with camera angles and post production. Blu-Tack, mini clamps and LED lights are the primary tools of her trade, of which she gave several examples and where to purchase them. The Dollar store is her favorite place to find props and accessories as well. One of the tips for making fake snow was baking soda and white hair conditioner mixed together.  Sifting the baking soda over top of the scene to create the illusion of snowing on the scene, with post production work to make it realistic.

Gail stressed that it is fun for her to create and share the toy photography scenes with others, that is probably the case for all of us who pursue one type of photography or another. It was a great presentation and possibly encouraged a few of us to dabble in the same or similar fashion at some time in the future. I would encourage everyone to watch the recording that will be posted on the web site for more tricks and tips.

Thanks you Gail, the workshop was a treat.

For a limited time, those HCC members that missed the workshop presentation or those members who would like to see it again, go to the Member’s Only Tips and Tutorials page. A Zoom recording of the workshop is there until Friday March 4th at 4:00pm. Look in the Workshop & Outing Notes & Presentations section. You must be logged in to view this material.