The HCC and Covid-19

This year’s Executive has certainly had had a challenging year with this Covid-19 changing how we all do things. That being said, I think they all deserve praise for doing a fantastic job. Not only did we have some great speakers, workshops and outings before things changed dramatically for all but when this thing hit the right decision was made to suspend Club meetings and activities. Though we could now not socialize at the meeting or activities, and I for one certainly miss that, the community know as the HCC continues to be presented with opportunities to partake in the new normal (for now) with online workshops and webinar tutorials. I know a lot of thanks goes to our President, Virginia, who has put in a lot of time to provide us with these activities. I also believe there would be others on the Exec that need to be thanked.I took part in Rick’s Compositing workshop, Great job and thanks Rick, and also the webinar arranged with Matt Kloskowski and found this a fantastic way of doing these. Since I am not well versed in Photoshop at the in person workshop it is easy to fall behind and therefore not get the full benefit but since the web workshop was recorded and provided after I can now pause and proceed as needed. This Covid thing has provided me the opportunity to also expand my computer and online knowledge, never having done video conferencing etc. Does this mean it pulled me into the 21st Century? Darn, I must be getting old! But I digress. What I want to say is THANK YOU to all on this year’s Executive and encourage all members to participate in these New Normal (for now) activities as they are presented to us. Let’s hope for a return to in person meetings come September for the 20/21 season and if if we can’t then join up online and take part in what is offered until Normal resumes. This Club is still a great unit and will continue to be so with our support. Stay safe and stay well! Tom Kallsen