TASC Tulip Farm Outing with Tom Kallsen

TASC Tulip Farm Outing with Tom Kallsen

A Review by Peter Bartens –

Many thanks to Tom Kallsen for setting up and supervising the outing to the TASC tulip farm in Fenwick on May 14th, 2022.

The 25 acre farm is huge, boasts 2 million blooming tulips, was simple to find and had ample parking.

Despite the heat, attendance was high. The entrance fee was $20 and entitled you to pick 10 tulips of your choice which they wrapped for you on the way out.

The endless rows of brightly coloured tulips were in great condition.  It was easy to get good pictures.

For those of you interested in visiting the TASC website, here is the address:

Some of the outing participants have generously shared some of their images from the Tulip Farm with us in the outing Gallery Page. Be sure to check out some of this interesting work.