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2021-22 Brochure Now Available

Please note that events listed on the website itself are the most up to date.

2022/23 Print Clinic #2 Submissions Due

2022/23 Print Clinic #2 Submissions Due

Submissions for Print Clinic #2, are due by 9:00 pm March 13th, 2023.

Presentation – Clinic #4 – Still Life & Prints #2

Presentation – Clinic #4 – Still Life & Prints #2

Relax and ponder stillness while watching the presentation of our final clinic of the season - Still Life

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Something for Everyone

Go to various interesting venues, locations and settings with other club members then capture your next amazing shot and learn a new technique or two.  Outings are open to all members.  Guests may be invited if space or the situation allows.  For details on any Outing just click the image or the heading for the Outing of interest on the page shown above.

The Club hosts Workshops on various topics and techniques throughout the year. From Basic Camera, to Photoshop and more.  More detailed information on each of these interesting and useful workshops can be found by clicking or tapping on Workshop images or headings found on the page above.

The F-Stop group is short, informal, pre-meeting gathering that starts around 7pm before the regular meeting.  If you have any  questions and too shy to approach a random stranger, then just ook to the friendly faces a the F-Stop.  Say “Hello” and just ask your questions.  You’ll get advice, suggestions and helpful answers from other friendly club members.