Review of “Vision Beyond Seeing”

Don Komarechka – Vision Beyond Seeing

Don Komarechka is a fantastic speaker who has visited our club before.. In
fact he may have been the only reason many of us came out tonight to bear
the heat…at least it was for me!

In his presentation “Vision Beyond Seeing” he took us on a journey on how to
learn to see things in a different way and to learn to see things that
others ignore. Now working with fluorescent materials and invisible ink to
create some of his photos, his work continues to evolve.

He taught us not to be afraid to create our photographs through
manipulation. By manufacturing imagery, we can construct an image that
carries meaning and tells a story. He says he has learned more from his bad
images than from his good ones, which should give us all license to
experiment with our own photography!  What’s the secret to a great
photograph?  Put yourself in a great location and be open to opportunities
that will further your photography.

Lastly, he encourages us to persevere as sometimes it takes more than one
attempt. He continues to inspire us to push ourselves, not just beyond our
capabilities, but beyond our own self-imposed limitations.

Review by HCC member Susan Leite