Post Process Workflow Workshop with Mike Pidwerbecki

Post Process Workflow Workshop with Mike Pidwerbecki

A Review by Tom Kallsen –

Club member Mike Pidwerbecki did a great job of sharing his workflow for the initial phase of the post processing workflow.  The system Mike uses is based on logic and not wasting time to quickly go through the images, getting rid of the obvious junk, finding the “maybe’s” and the “keepers” and the ones to finish off in post processing.  It is a system that helps you find the best quickly but it is not a hard and fast approach.  You can choose to only keep the best, or all, and anything in between.  The choice is yours but at least you easily find the ones that bring you joy and that you want to share or print.

The workshop started with a short run through of the participants who shared their level of experience, favorite type of photography, if they liked using the camera or the post the best and what tools they used to manage their library and post processing.  Mike then went through his “6-C” step-wise process: Collect, Cull (the obvious blurry, heads cut off etc), Correct (fix not process), Curate, Creativity, and Communicate.  After explaining the 6-C system we were given a demonstration of the 6-Cs using Lightroom.  This is not a LR specific method but can be applied to other image management software as well.

The workshop was well attended, which indicates that this is an area often overlooked by many of us who never really gave much thought about a faster and logical way of dealing with the “Terrorbytes” of images we can generate in the digital world.  Film was easier since we made sure of having correct settings and compositions.  With film the 10 frames per second bursts and such were expensive and almost non-existent.  Face it when you look at the folder with the 100 or 500 images in it from a trip or bird shoot or something, it can be intimidating and squelch your desire to even start the cull and find the keepers.

Well done Mike and tanks for sharing this with us.  The workshop has certainly made a difference to my workflow.

For those members that missed this presentation, I suggest going to the Member’s Only Tips and Tutorials page, in the Workshops and Outings section, to take a look at it.  A Zoom recording of the event as well as the PowerPoint slide show are available there, if you are logged in.