Photoshop Basics Workshop

Photoshop Basics Workshop submitted by Tom Kallsen

Member and Club President Paul Kiely drew in about a quarter of the membership for his presentation on Photoshop Basics. People were encouraged to bring their laptops and follow along with images Paul provided. Although he is not in the realm of a PS guru, Paul has taken some training and with hands on experience has learned efficient ways of achieving the desired result he is after. One of the best tricks I took away was for correct white balance if you have Camera Raw along with PS. The use of layers and masks was explored as well as selective lighting an area. I liked the tips on getting more depth to an image by highlighting or darkening lines with a curves layer. Recommendations for books on PS, web sites and videos were provided. As we are all pretty much aware Photoshop is one monster of a program with such capabilities that it takes some time to become proficient. Paul showed us some ways that are fairly simple and repeatable to do some things. Unfortunately the time required for the material he has prepared was somewhat out of sync and there was much left to be covered. Paul has graciously offered to hold another workshop in the very near future to enable us to continue expanding our knowledge. Thanks Paul.