Photographing Insects Workshop presented by Marvin Gunderman aka “The Bug Man”

Review by Tom Kallsen
I had heard this workshop was not to be missed and I am glad I didn’t. It is rare to attend an event where the presenter is as passionate about the topic as Marvin is about insects. He shared his knowledge, a small fraction I’m sure, with a near capacity crowd with passion and a large amount of humour. We now know more about the mating habits of various species and what their genitalia looks like than any of us ever thought we would. We also learned the more mundane things like the reason for hard outer coatings, waxy or oily coatings, on insects is to prevent moisture loss, not just so they crunch nicely under foot, and how to distinguish between butterflies and moths (butterfly balls).
Marvin is a walking encyclopaedia on insects as well as a proficient photographer. He gave us some great advice on macro shooting, a diffuser for ring flash (a cut down opaque plastic funnel, some weather stripping and Velcro), an easy rig for side flash, and a bug studio set up (Styrofoam cooler).
After the break there was an opportunity to take some shots. Marvin brought numerous deceased and pinned insects as well as some live Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. These were well trained and were off leash. Since they were about three inches long they were easy to keep an eye on. All through this he was taking one on one questions  from anyone that posed them.
If anybody  needs an insect identified send a picture to him and he will be more than happy to help you out.
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