Photo Scavenger Hunt has Begun!

Photo Scavenger Hunt has Begun!

This event is slightly different than our past Scavenger Hunts.  Participants can choose any 5 subjects from the 7 subjects listed below. A total of up to 10 images may be submitted to this challenge. To fulfill the challenge requirements, you may dig into your archive of images or you are welcome to take new images for the challenge. Searching through your archive of images provides an opportunity to use some of the images you have stored on your hard drive over the years.

The results of our Scavenger Hunt will be revealed at the Christmas Pot Luck Dinner.

Members have until Nov 16, 2020 11:45 pm to submit their images

Choose 5 of the following subjects for your images;

  • A main subject that starts with the Letter A or B or Z
  • Colour Purple
  • Water
  • Flower- any kind
  • Reflection
  • Abandoned, or
  • Night Photography

You can send in any combination of up to 10 images across your chosen subjects; just be sure that the images fill the requirement of 5 different subject. For example, you may submit 2 images for each of the 5 subjects, or, if you like, you can submit 6 images for one subject and 1 image for each of the 4 remaining required subjects. It is entirely up to you.

Enter your images through the Hamilton Camera Club website

Upload Files Here or under the Clinics menu, Scavenger Hunt Uploads menu