Photo Compositing Workshop

Photo Compositing Workshop

Photo Compositing workshop review by Tom Kallsen

Rick McKenzie is an Eight Star Master photographer in the HCC. By his images it is easy to see how he has earned his rank. We were invited to an inside look at the process he uses to achieve his awe inspiring composite images. That is one thing the members of the HCC excel at, sharing their knowledge with others.

The presentation started with some of the technical aspects of shooting for the composite. Things like have an idea of the end result then shoot your images in similar light, use the same lens, use a matching, or close f-stop and other camera settings. All good advice given in an easy to understand way. Rick had no problem stopping and answering any questions that came up as well. After a short break we then proceeded with a hands on follow along with Rick to process a composite. He had supplied the files we needed so as to be able to work along with him. For some, like me, who have not used Photoshop very much things were a little intense following along and Rick was quite willing to help. That being said it was still very informative and gave the basic premise on the process which could then be worked on at home. For those who were already familiar with using Photoshop things seemed to go a little smoother.

Thank you Rick. I already have your Nine Star name tag made because I know you will be there soon.

Also thanks to Dee, your model (and understanding wife and assistant), for being the subject in numerous composites. She certainly helps put the shine in the images.

Rick has provided links to his tutorials

Selecting and Replacing a Sky in Photoshop

Changing Day into Night in Photoshop

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A timelapse of the workflow