Pet Photography with Cathie Wheeldon

Pet Photography with Cathie Wheeldon

A Review by Bill Traynor –

Cathie’s presentation lead us to understand that there is much more involved in Pet Photography than one might expect. The first part of her presentation listed 15 points to consider: ranging from shooting from a low angle to lighting considerations. The section on learning dog body language showed that years of experience in Pet Photography may be required to become fully accomplished in this field.

In the second part, after the break, Cathie emphasized the safety aspect of Pet Photography. She outlined 14 different safety points to consider to ensure the safety of both the people and the pets.  Some of those points may act as reminders to use common sense (for example – use leashes)  and other safety points highlight aspects which may otherwise be overlooked (for example – animal health). The presentation also included a look at the memories provided through photography as our pets’ lifespan is short, but our memories of them, live on.

Thank you Cathie for an engaging, enthusiastic and enlightening presentation.

For those HCC members that missed Cathie Wheeldon’s Speaker Presentation on Pet Photography, or for those attendees who would like to watch the presentation again, please go to the Member’s Only Tips and Tutorials page. A Zoom recording of the presentation is available there, in the Guest Speaker’s Notes & Presentations section of the page. You must be logged in to view this material