Mike Kukucska: Night Skies

Mike Kukucska:  Night Skies

To boldly go where no man has been before, then illuminate and photograph the Earth and Sky’s natural wonders.  That best describes Mike Kukucska’s venture in Astrophotography.


Mike explained the three basic types of Astrophotography to the large and enthusiastic audience at the October 3rd meeting of the Hamilton Camera Club.  The three themes of Astrophotography are:  Deep Space/Solar Systems, Wide Field and Time Lapse.  Mike’s work is primarily Wide Field.  There were quite a few “Oohs” and “Ahs” as he showed a variety of images form as far afield as Utah’s national parks to local shots at Binbrook and the shores of Lake Erie.


Members and guests in attendance waited eagerly for the second portion of the presentation, as that was when the secrets of the great shots were given.  Mike showed how to keep it simple by starting of at a shutter speed of 25 seconds, ISO of 3200 and aperture of 2.8.


Mike’s creativity and imagination are revealed in his images, which were an inspiration to over 100 members and guests.  He turns his outings into family events.  Perhaps we can do the same, as his passion has provided us with encouragement to get up of the couch and get out and shoot some nice skies – Head south for the Milky Way. 


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