Living Landscapes with Terry A. MacDonald

Living Landscapes with Terry A. MacDonald

A Review by Mike Pidwerbecki –

Terry’s style of photography is similar to mine – he uses LightRoom to improve his images to be realistic, rather than going creative and turning it into “art”.  He also likes doing landscapes, as I do too.  Where he and I differ though is that he likes morning light – I like morning sleep!  I do agree with him that early morning light is great though.  I did try early morning light once, to catch a sunrise at the Grand Canyon, layered with all the clothes that I had packed for normally balmy Arizona weather in mid-March, and the results were stunning!

Terry’s definition of a landscape photo is that is has a horizon, even if that horizon is hidden. He suggested to make sure there is some good foreground, so that people feel like they are walking into the photo, then make sure there are some leading lines to move them through the photo to the background. This adds interest to the photo gives it depth. That is something I will pay more attention in my own photography now that I know about it. Terry clearly has extensive experience, and has traveled to many places. But he also has a special place in his heart for local landscapes.

Thank you Terry for sharing your knowledge and showing us some of your amazing photos!

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