Live Image Evaluation

Live Image Evaluation review by Tom Kallsen

At the Feb 12th meeting we were fortunate to have Juraj Dolanjski moderate this event. As an Eleven Star Master with the Club he certainly has the qualifications and expertise and once again he didn’t let us down. Members were able to submit up to 3 images for evaluation. With about ninety images submitted it was a fast paced evening so that he had a chance to critique at least one image per member. Juraj showed us some simple things, in Photoshop, that in his view made for a better image. Audience participation was also encouraged. A lot of the time a simple crop was all that was needed. Sometimes toning down contrast or saturation, or increasing these was the tweak needed. He pointed out that sometimes the only way to improve it was in camera with a different angle, depth of field or photographer positioning. There were even some images where improvement seemed impossible, well done! It was a fun and informative evening for all in attendance. Thanks Juraj! We appreciate you sharing your knowledge so we can improve our skills.