Light Painting with Scott and Chris

Light Painting with Scott and Chris

Some Members’ Remarks

Note: View some of the results our members obtained during the outing on the Gallery Page.

Light Painting Outing Review by Linda Schettle

Last night 20 member of the Hamilton Camera Club met at Confederation Park for an exhilarating evening and rare opportunity to experience light painting. The opportunity was made possible by the very capable skills of professional photographers Scott Simons and Chris Empey from Niagara and the very talented and daring model Mary DaSilva who ventured into the cold waters of Lake Ontario for the finale shot!  Everyone had an unobstructed view and equal opportunity and yet there are many perspectives as seen in the selection of photos.

Linda Schettle – Sept 12th, 2021

Manual, Bulb, F5.6, Tripod – “ON” by Robert Jones

To photographers it is amazing what creativity can be achieved with a digital camera and light.  Scott Simons and Chris Empey have made this apparent with their interest, enthusiasm and hard work in the realm of light painting.  Scott and Chris are from the Niagara Falls Camera Club and on Saturday, Sept 11/21, with the help of their model, Mary, provided a demonstration of this photographic niche.

This outing was organized for the Hamilton Camera Club by the ever energetic Virginia Stranaghan for twenty members of the club. We met in the parking lot in Confederation Park at 19:30 hrs where Chris and Scott introduced themselves and provided a description of their lighting parapernalia which they would use in tonights demonstration.  When darkness had set in we moved to the beach.

  In order to accommodate 20 photographers with their tripods facing a narrow stage it was necessary to place 10 sitting on stools in the front row and 10 standing behind.  This seemed to work well.  For the next two and a half hours Scott, Chris and Mary provided us with colourful and surprising images made by their lights, poses and “ON………..OFFs” instructions. The images were especially surprising when reviewed on on the back of one’s camera.  Mary is to be commended for her willingness to pose on the beach for two hours in cool weather and even stepping into the fridged Lake Ontario for a few reflective shots.  As for Scott and Chris, I’m sure they will be nursing sore muscles because of all the spinning and contorted motions they went through when manoeuvring the lights. A good time was had by all.

Thank you Scott, Chris and Mary and wishing you many “ON………..OFFs” in your future.

Robert Jones – Sept. 13th, 2021

“A Lot of Fun”

Such a great workshop, a lot of fun – Scott and Chris worked so hard to set up each shot, leaving us with many creative options to now work on 👍

Nicolette Wain-Lowe – Sept. 13th, 2021