Joe LeFevre – Time Lapse Photography

Submitted by Teresa Bin, HCC member From the onset of Mr. LeFevre’s introduction, I knew we would be in for a photographic experience!  I was incredibly impressed by not only his photographs but also by his extensive résumé, including an impressive number of awards and recognitions. At the on-set of the presentation, I wasn’t really sure that time-lapse photography was for me – but by the end, I was captivated!  I also became much more intrigued by video!  I knew my camera had the functions that Joe spoke about, but I never really gave them much thought…until now!  Joe’s presentation made me look at landscape photography from a whole different perspective.  Although it’s only been a few days since the presentation, I have been thinking about landscapes that I have visited, and when I visit them next, whether I will try time-lapse or video…I learned that it will depend on what’s moving and how fast!  I found it very helpful that Joe gave great explanations about required camera settings to achieve the desired shots for time-lapse photos  – always shoot RAW, do not use auto WB, manual focus, just to name a few!  And of course he gave us great tips on shooting video, such as using a shutter speed setting of 1/25 or 1/60, and adjusting the ISO and aperture accordingly and exposing for hi-lights. Joe showed us magnificent images that he created, showing his brilliant photography!   He was a great speaker and it was a pleasure to meet such a nice man! I have been inspired to go beyond stills!