Introduction to Micro 4/3 Cameras Workshop

This workshop put on by Juraj Dolanjski was very well attended. Many that were there already  owned this type of camera and were there to have their questions answered and further their knowledge and proficiency. Others, like myself, were there to get an insight into the benefits of these smaller cameras and their drawbacks.
As I expected Juraj did an excellent job with his explanations and demonstrations, to the point I almost regret having gone. I now am considering another camera system with the associated monetary costs. Some of the things I learned were that there is RAW capabilities, the electronic viewfinder shows you exactly what the image will be, you can have a preview histogram, quality images are produced, and they make for a great travel camera- being much less weight than a DSLR. Juraj had a lunch size camera bag with three cameras and lenses and an extra lens. For a DSLR equivalent you would need a carry-on size suitcase and a gym membership.
I think it is great that Juraj is always willing to give of his time and share his knowledge (and his love of Panasonic Lumix) to help and educate others. This is one of the attributes that makes a good photographer a great photographer.
Thank you Juraj.

Submitted by Tom Kallsen