In The Mood with Juraj Dolanjski

In The Mood with Juraj Dolanjski

A Review by Sandra Lucas –

Juraj Dolanjski, an 11-star master with the Hamilton Camera Club gave a very enlightening presentation titled “In the Mood” on Monday, February 7, 2022.

Creating mood may not be a conscious thought process for a photographer however Juraj brought it to the forefront and noted both the concept and execution are easier said than done. He shared what mood is and how to create it in photographic images. By showing his own spectacular images, Juraj demonstrated a variety of concepts for photographers to capture mood and evoke emotion. The necessary components to grab a viewer’s attention and an emotional attachment are multifaceted. Juraj described what is necessary to “grab” the viewer and evoke emotion from an image 1) luck – be in the right place at the right time 2) good composition and 3) suitable light.

“Photography is light” and is the most powerful creator of mood and strongest tool to capture emotion. Juraj discussed the colour of light, cool, warm colours, golden and blue hours, black and white, and monochrome. The direction of light whether from the back, front, side, overhead, or underneath can be subtle, intense, soft, mysterious, airy, playful, loud, or dramatic. Juraj discussed how the quality and type of light, dark, bright, high or low contrast also create a variety of moods. Additionally, the environment is a mood creator be it stormy, rainy, foggy, at night, during the day, or with shafts of light. Juraj encouraged others to make stronger images by keeping them simple and uncluttered.

The presentation had very tangible information and was well received. It was clear, concise, and inspirational. By sharing his own spectacular images, Juraj demonstrated a variety of “In the Mood” concepts, inspiring others to see, create and evoke emotions through photographic images.

Thank You Juraj

More of Juraj’s work can be seen on his web site at and he can be reached at

For those HCC members that missed the Guest Speaker presentation or those members who would like to see it again, go to the Member’s Only Tips and Tutorials page. A Zoom recording of the presentation along with selected slides are available there, in the Guest Speaker’s Notes & Presentations section. You must be logged in to view this material.