HCC 2020-21- June 12th Awards presentation

HCC 2020-21- June 12th Awards presentation

A review by Tom Kallsen

This year’s Annual Awards Presentation was a somewhat different affair. It was our first in person gathering of the 2020-21 year due to Covid-19.

Although it was hard to tell if it was a gathering of masked bandits or a bunch of photo enthusiasts it was great to finally see one another, even if it was only familiar eyes and foreheads.

An invitation went out to award winners to do a socially distanced, masked, spread out time wise, trunk pick up at a local park. The weather co-operated and it was a fine day and not too hot. Katie, our Awards Chair, and Virginia, our President, had things well organized for a very well done event.

Trophies, plaques and ribbons were handed out to many deserving winners. The thing that was lacking was the applause and roar of the crowd as the awards were presented. Awards were announced at a previous Zoom meeting but the clapping hand symbol isn’t quite the same.

Nevertheless it was a successful (virtual) year with many interesting presenters and workshops and a multitude of great images in the Clinics. We all look forward to when we can gather again for our meetings and see each other face to face.

Have a great summer and try to wear out that shutter button on your cameras!