Guest, Visiting and Refund Policy


Events and activities throughout the club season are financed through membership dues. We do allow the public to attend some of our events free of charge but there are some events that we ask non-members pay a fee to attend. If you decide that you want to join, see the membership info page. Guest fees paid will be applied towards your membership fee provided you join at the meeting attended as a guest or the next scheduled meeting only.

Please be sure to check our upcoming events page for guest fees and events that guests may attend.

Some workshops and outings may also be available to guests but priority will always be given to club members.

All guests will be required to sign a guest book before entering.

To join in on a virtual (Zoom) event, just email for access information.

NFRCC Club Members

Members of NFRCC affiliated clubs who present a valid and current club membership card from that club are welcome and invited to attend any of our regular Monday meetings free of charge. Please note that the presentation of your membership card is required.


NFRCC Reciprocal Privileges

Upon presentation of a current and valid Hamilton Camera Club membership card, members of the HCC are welcome at regular meetings of the following NFRCC affiliated clubs.

  • Am-Center Camera Club
  • Batavia Photography Club
  • Camera Rochester
  • Canyon Camera Club
  • Chautaqua County Camera Club
  • Erie Photography Club
  • Finger Lakes Photography Guild
  • Genesee Valley Photography Society
  • Grimsby Photo Group
  • Haldimand Photography Club
  • Latow Photographers Guild
  • Niagara Falls Camera Club
  • Port Colborne Camera Club
  • Science Museum Camera Club
  • Southtowns Camera Club
  • St. Catharines Photographic Club
  • Trillium Photographic Club
  • Twin Cities Camera Club
  • Twin Tier Camera Club
  • Welland Camera Club


Outings and Workshops

Any member may do a member to member exchange of a reserved event spot in any workshop or outing provided that prior to the event the cancelling member informs the event organizer of their withdrawal and provides the organizer with name of the person who is taking their place. Any event entry fee exchange is a matter between the two members on a private basis.

If a member signs up for a cost involved event and subsequently that member wishes to cancel their participation in the event, there will be a $5 cancellation fee levied and withheld from the refund. This fee is used to reimburse the club for the associated payment processing costs that the club may incur.

Any such refund is subject to the following condition: If an event requires a set number of participants to cover the cost of the event, or if an attendance number is mandated by the venue, there will be no refunds until the participant number requirement is attained and there is someone on the waiting list who is willing to take the place of the member who wishes the refund. If the number of members signed up falls short of the required number, there will be no refund unless the event is cancelled by the club in which case there will be a full refund with no cancellation fee.

In the case of a member forgetting about or not attending an event they have registered to attend, no refund or credit towards a future event will be provided.

Exceptions for compassionate reasons will be considered on a case by case basis.