Food Drive Donations for Easter

Hello fellow members and guests of the Hamilton Camera Club.
Our club meeting host, Mount Hamilton Christian Reformed Church, has an on-going, monthly food drive to support Neighbour-To-Neighbour.
I thought it a good idea for HCC members, help M.H.C.R.C. and have our own food drive, to help the Church.
I’m sure that Easter 2015, would be the ideal date, so, please help us, help them, to help others.
Easter 2015 allows you a few usual shopping trips to pick up donatable food and/or toiletry items.
The N2N website indicates items such as holiday-related food(s), grocery store gift cards,
items for children (12 and under) and toiletries and sweets.

If you prefer to donate (and/or) money, put it into an envelope, give it to me and I’ll make sure they get it.
I think it probably best that loose money not go into the bin; they will get all that I receive but please put it into an envelope.

Terry Pergentile

food drive