Faux Canvas Workshop–submitted by Tom Kallsen

The Create your own Faux Canvas workshop, on Nov 12 2016, was attended by an enthusiastic group of 22 members and 1 guest. Gail had everything well organized and supplies for all at the ready. She took us through all the steps, from sourcing supplies to finished product with good information and directions. Everyone lent a hand to help each other if needed and to share tools. There was quite a variety of corner folds brought forth by the group and of course, as with anything, there is usually more than one way of doing things. The decision from the top (Gail) was to use what you like the best, as none of the process is set in stone. The session went until about 2 PM due to the drying time required at various stages. Fans and a hair dryer were put to use to try to speed the process. Although most people needed to finish their projects at home (unless one wanted to transport wet modge podged  “canvases”  in their cars), clear instructions were provided. This was an interesting and fun workshop.

It is unfortunate that 29 people signed up but only 23 attended. Gail had bought the supplies for all who signed up and it doesn’t seem right she should be out of pocket because of this.