Event: Workshop: Snowflake Photography

Workshop:  Snowflake Photography
Details to come soon.
Starting Time: 9:00am – 11:30am Upper Hall The Columbus Hall of Hamilton 222 Queenston Rd Hamilton, Ontario 1. Macro photography overview 2. Equipment & Accessories Learn what lenses and accessories to utilize for snowflakes and how to use them. 3. Techniques Get close to your subject. 4. Post Processing Overview on how to stack your images using photoshop.
Gail has been amazing those of us who have been privileged to witness her great success since she first began to experiment in photography. Her passion for learning and developing new skills has led her to unique accomplishments and numerous awards. The enthusiasm she generates has been contagious amongst her peers and now her students. Whether you accompany her on one of her well know “bug walks” or attend an instruction on the use of photographic equipment, she relates her experiences to the needs of participants, explaining the basics as well as the details of excellence. Gail has demonstrated innovative ways to produce macro photography that is both unique and award-winning.
She has taken active leadership roles in the photography clubs she has joined striving for a fun and educational experience for all members. Gail’s expertise extends into her work in graphic design, using a multitude of software that help to create award winning photos and audio-visual presentations. Learning from and working with Gail is an adventure-filled experience guaranteed to improve your own level of expertise and your passion for photography. We look forward to seeing more of her work as she continually looks for new challenges in photography. Registration

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Facilitator: Gail MacLellan

About Gail MacLellan has been a member of the HCC since 2012. She is well known for her images of insects, and several years ago, turned her talents toward capturing snowflakes. website