Event: Working With Textures with Elizabeth Jane Lazenby

Working With Textures with Elizabeth Jane Lazenby

Working With Textures

Answering all the what and how questions, Elizabeth Jane (EJ to her friends) will go through the sourcing and creation of textures, how to use blend modes and then 3 different methods of how to apply textures to an image.

After a short mid way break, EJ will invite club members to submit random images for a live edit and demonstration.  She will take between 3 to 5 images and apply textures from using her own stock textures to create final pieces while narrating every click on route.  EJ believes that seeing the process happen “for real” is very valuable for workshop participants.

This is a workshop that always goes down well as a hands-on “how-to,” EJ will travel slowly and clearly through the technical aspects, happily repeating steps if requested.

A few examples of EJ’s work can be found on the “Gallery” tab at the top of this description

About EJ

My love of art led to a fine art degree and many years as an artist specializing in portrait: human and animal.  I found a love for teaching and supporting others and qualified to teach in Further and Higher Education. Throughout this time, my love of photography grew, and alongside that, my creative soul grabbed Photoshop and ran!

I adore romance, creativity, intrigue and originality. My background as a painter allows me a unique artistic interpretation and style to my images which have met critical acclaim both nationally and internationally! – Elizabeth Jane Lazenby

See more of EJ’s work and other items on EJ’s web site at https://www.ejlazenbyphotography.co.uk


Date: November 27th, 2021

Time: 9:00am to 11:00am

Location: ZOOM, Elizabeth Jane will be joining us from the U.K.

Price: Workshop is free for Hamilton Camera Club members,

10$ members of the Trillium Photographic Club and,

$25 for all others.

Registration is required for all workshop participants.