Event: Beat Glanzman – My Photographic Journey thru the Yukon

Beat Glanzman – My Photographic Journey thru the Yukon
Capturing extraordinary light, landscapes and wildlife in the Yukon wilderness Beat will be taking you on a journey thru the Yukon and the wilderness and wild animals he encounters there. Date: December 2, 2019 Starting Time: 7:30pm Upper Hall The Columbus Hall of Hamilton 222 Queenston Rd. Hamilton ON HCC Non-Members: $10.00 payable at door
In 1995 I followed my deep desire, and immigrated from Switzerland to the Yukon territory in Canada, the land of my dreams. I wanted more out of life, and I found my calling. I live close to Alaska at the Kluane National Park in the middle of the Canadian wilderness.  In its original and wild nature, where I’m faced with the thought laws of nature: wild bears, moose, and my 24 Husky sledders.  My homestead is a log home I built with my own hands. The raw nature of the wilderness gives me the answers to many of my questions, to escape the daily normal life and civilization. My life in nature as a professional photographer and wilderness guide is truly authentic and pure, the camera is my vision.  My life is here and now. As a young nature explorer and extreme mountain climber, it gave me the opportunities to expand the love of photography. I have organized photo tours to remote islands in Alaska to observe bears as well as observe and photograph polar bears north in the Arctic. The unpredictability of wild animals, the ever changing weather, the vast forests, the beauty and symphonies of pure nature made me who I am. Being a photographer is my greatest passion. My former wife Eva and I left Switzerland and our families when we were young (23, 26), without much money and without knowing what our future will hold. Upon arrival at the Kluane National Park, we were able to buy 8 hectares of land. It was in the middle of winter as we arrived with two backpacks of luggage as we settled into a old and dilapidated log cabin. It was very cold, tranquil, and we were all alone ready to start our new adventure. Doing research by reading books and without any help, we built five log cabins. From the natives we learned how to survive in the wild and become self-sustaining. We planted a garden, collected berries, fished for salmon, hunted moose, and learned how to preserve it. Today Eva and I are business partners of Glanzmann Tours. We offer special photography- and hiking tours, vacations in the log cabins at the Kluane National Park and in the Yukon. Far away from civilization, this is a wonderful opportunity to relax and free your mind, enjoy the unique photography and to experience the beauty in finding your deepest soul. Website Instagram