Event: The Great Bear Rainforest with Ron Goodlin

The Great Bear Rainforest with Ron Goodlin

The Great Bear Rainforest – a video tour with Ron Goodlin

Join Dr. Ron Goodlin on a photographic adventure to the Great Bear Rainforest.  Share the experiences and adventures, the incredible landscapes, watch the Whales, Grizzly bears, Black bears and Eagles as if you were right there beside the photographers in their quest to get a glimpse of the rare and elusive Spirit Bear.  You will be amazed and sometimes, saddened, by the revelations about the effects of mankind and how we are affecting the natural environments.

Watch this 75 minute documentary and then, after the movie screening, participate in a question and answer session with Ron for an unparalleled opportunity to discuss the rewards and challenges of nature photography.

About Ron

Dr. Ron Goodlin is a well known conservation-wildlife photographer from Ontario Canada.

Working with organizations such as Nikon Canada, WWF, Oceanites, and the David Suzuki Foundation, he has spent much of his time traveling the world to photograph wildlife that is in danger of extinction from the perils of mankind.

Ron hopes to institute a positive change to our world through his photography.

Ron has won many photographic awards, has had several one man and group shows, has authored several photo books (available on Blurb.com) and is an active and sought after tour leader and speaker on Wildlife photography and nature conservancy. 

Ron is an active member of the Richmond Hill Camera Club, and is a GTCCC and CAPA photography Judge.

“My photographic vision is to create natural but artistic images, and tell the stories through videos that will be engaging and thought provoking, thus helping to bring the story of these endangered animals, to the forefront, creating awareness of the effects of climate change, pollution, urban sprawl poaching and industrialization.” – Ron Goodlin

You can see more of his work at rgphotoart.com