Event: Monique Campbell – Street Photography

Monique Campbell – Street Photography
Monique is a street photographer from Hamilton, Ontario. Her photographs have been exhibited and published both nationally and internationally.  In her presentation, Monique took us on a tour of her recent work (B&W and colour), describing her experience for each photograph she shared. She also took us through the process of capturing the “moment” and provided plenty of tips and tricks to engage us in this photographic genre. Among several takeaways, she suggested attending local events like Hamilton Super Crawl, Winona Peach Festival, etc. to practice shooting in the public arena. Starting Time: 7:30pm Upper Hall The Columbus Hall of Hamilton 222 Queenston Rd Hamilton ON HCC Non-Members: $10.00 payable at door


Moments By Monique Life is made up of moments. Little ones, milestones and everything in between. I thrill at being mindful of my surroundings and people I observe daily. I choose to frame the positive and share it with the world. My passion for photography is brought out in the events I cover, creating portraits and through my street photography. Here are two images that represent my street photography: “Hands of Time.” A woman on a trolley in Amsterdam caught my eye, between stops I captured the detail of her hands. Wrinkled by hard work, love, perseverance over time. “Adjustment.” Her hands raised up to make an adjustment and in an instant I captured the quiet moment at the Hamilton Coffee Fair. Contact Info: Monique Campbell Website: momentsbymonique.com Email: moniquesuniqueimages@gmail.com 905 745 4569 Instagram feeds: @moments_by_monique @photomo1 @felinefriends