Event: “RIT BIG Shot #33” at Old Fort Niagara

“RIT BIG Shot #33” at Old Fort Niagara
The NFRCC clubs have been given a unique opportunity to work with RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). This invitation is open to all clubs both US and CA. Dan Hughes has invited us to be part of the “RIT BIG Shot #33” at Old Fort Niagara on September 29, The actual event will take place at 8:30PM RIT Big Shot No. 33 is scheduled, rain or shine, for Sept. 29, 2018, Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown, N.Y. The Big Shot, is described as “painting with light,” and engages student and community volunteers to provide the primary light source for the image while RIT photographers shoot an extended exposure. It’s a signature event for RIT’s College of Art and Design—formerly the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences—and is led by the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences (SPAS), nationally recognized for its degree programs. “Old Fort Niagara was chosen because it’s a dramatic and historic landmark that will be photographed in a way it has never been before,” said Michael Riordan, a lecturer in RIT’s School of Media Sciences who grew up in Youngstown and proposed the venue to RIT’s Big Shot team. “This is an extraordinary opportunity for RIT,” added Eric Kunsman, a Big Shot team member. “We are very pleased that the fort’s leadership also recognizes the aesthetic and educational values of the Big Shot project.” While plans are still being finalized, organizers are considering featuring the discharge of a cannon in each of the four exposures planned for the evening; including more than a dozen re-enactors in the image; and using six cameras to produce the panoramic view necessary to make the shot of Old Fort Niagara even more compelling, said Daniel Hughes, a SPAS lecturer and another member of the Big Shot team. “It’s our pleasure to work with RIT on staging this Big Shot photo. The idea of featuring a historic site in this modern way will certainly help bring new awareness of Old Fort Niagara to a broader audience,” said Robert Emerson, executive director of the Old Fort Niagara Association. We will not be photographing, RIT will handle the actual photographing but we will be part of this historic event. We will be providing the light source with flashlights and/or camera flash or strobes. At this time, we don’t have specifics about the time we can get into the fort, more details will follow as they become available. Dan was our Fall Seminar speaker in 2016. For those of us in attendance Dan showed us images from a BIG Shot that was done in Downtown Rochester. Volunteers will receive an 11×14 print (later in the year) of the final image selected for the project. We need a headcount so interested members should RSVP to BOTH Sharon Dentice: sdentice@earthlink.net and Mike Dziak: biglens2c@gmail.com We need all the RSVP’s no later than Sept 15th, the sooner the better in case we have to close reservations. Thanks, Sharon Dentice: 716-912-5202 and Mike Dziak: 716- 440-2411