Event: Photo Compositing Workshop “Cancelled”

Photo Compositing Workshop  “Cancelled”

Facilitator: Rick McKenzie

Rick has provided links to his tutorials

Selecting and Replacing a Sky in Photoshop Changing Day into Night in Photoshop Lighting a Lantern in Photoshop A timelapse of the workflow This basic premise of this workshop will be how to add a subject from one image to another image. This concept, known as compositing includes, how to photograph and light a subject in order to match the background perspective and lighting, how to extract the subject from a background and how to place that subject in the new background in the proper perspective. In addition colour correcting and the addition of extra light will also be explored. A laptop with Photoshop will be necessary if you wish to follow along as I demonstrate my workflow. Downloadable Images are available here for use during the workshop. In order to fully appreciate this workshop individuals are encouraged to attend the earlier workshops on lighting and basic Photoshop. Date: March 14, 2020 Starting Time: 9:00 am – 11:30am Upper Hall The Columbus Hall of Hamilton 222 Queenston Rd Hamilton ON Pre-Registration is required for this workshop HCC Non-Members: $25.00 pre-registration required

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