Event: Niagara Bird Kingdom

Niagara Bird Kingdom
Outing co-ordinator: Virginia Stranaghan
The Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls, Ontario provides several species of birds that you will be able to photograph. Our club members will be allowed to enter the building and start photographing 1 hour prior to their regular business hours for the general public.  Please not that the staff will be washing down the walkways during the 1 hour prior to opening to the public so be sure to wear footwear with none slip soles. There is a room on the 4th floor where we can leave our coats and belongings while we are taking pictures of the birds. Each member will be required to pay on arrival at the Bird Kingdom The special group rate for Adults & Seniors is  $12.00 + tax To get the special group rate we need at least 10 people to attend this outing.  
Please register for the outing in advance so we can ensure the 10 people for the group rate.

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