Event: Motion & Lighting Workshop

Motion & Lighting Workshop
This workshop will cover a variety of skills and each participant should acquire basic lighting knowledge by its completion. The workshop will cover:
  1. Using on camera flash to control off camera flashes.
  2. Multi flash using flash controllers, understand the use of Channels and Flash groups.
  3. Flash mode (TTI, HSS, Manual, Multi), the when and why for each mode and their advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Light Shaping – The use of modifiers to control shape and direction of light.   Modifiers such as soft box, umbrella, beauty dish etc.  This will be very helpful for those members who plan to attend Photo Compositing #1 & Photo Compositing #2.
  5. Product photography lighting Light Box.
Due to the wide range of topics covered, number of attendees and skill levels, the format of the workshop will be demonstration of techniques, in a manner that everyone will be able to go home and implement.  Bert will be available for questions after the workshop. In keeping with tradition, attendees will receive the plans for a (Ghetto Box) product with a five minute start to finish assembly and use of the ghetto box for product photography. By the end of this workshop participants will be able to setup a full portrait photo shoot in any lighting conditions.  Make a daytime shoot look like a night shoot.  Shoot reflective subjects with flash and shoot subjects wearing eye glasses and avoid reflections. Members attending this workshop should try some off camera flash photography before attending the workshop.  Following this exercise record all the questions you have and bring them to the workshop. Date: January 19, 2019 Starting Time: 9:00 am Main Hall Barton Stone United Church 21 Stone Church Rd W. Hamilton ON Pre-Registration is required for this workshop HCC Non-Members: $25.00 pre-registration required

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