Event: Mike Kukucska

Mike Kukucska

Night Skies

My presentation will discuss the techniques required to capture single exposure landscape astrophotography images using SLR cameras.  I will discuss gear, scouting locations, lens and camera settings, planning for the ideal milky way and moon cycles, dark focusing techniques and I will discuss what keeps me motivated to leave the comfort of home after a long day at work and venture out into the night (that is half the battle).  Of course…there will be lots of pictures along the way! Starting Time: 7:30pm Main Hall 1411 Upper Wellington St. Hamilton ON HCC Non-Members: $10.00 payable at door Please see our visitor and guest policies
I began taking pictures just over 30 years ago at age 16 after saving up for my first camera..a Minolta X700. I spent countless hours in my parents darkened basement photographing swinging flashlights on strings, model spaceships in front of black paper with holes punched through trying to create the magical space scenes from the Science fiction movies I grew up with. As with all good things, life gets busy and the fun stuff gets pushed aside for a while. Although I have been taking pictures over the years on various lower-end cameras over the years to document work projects or events and people along the way, that sense of excitement and experimentation in picture taking was dormant for a long time until about 2.5 years ago when I stumbled onto some incredible Milky Way photos on the internet taken with ordinary digital SLR’s. I was hooked as that sense of wonder came rushing back and I set out on a mission to learn as much as I could about the gear and techniques required to take these shots myself. My very first Milky Way photo was taken on May 23, 2014 and I have been hooked ever since. From the techniques learned through astrophotography, I began to appreciate all aspects on long exposure night photography whether in the country or the city.I am the owner and president of a theatrical scenic fabrication company in Dundas, Ontario by day and an amateur star chasing photographer at night. I have been featured in the Hamilton Spectator, Urbanicity Magazine, The Hamilton Magazine, a book cover photo for Wolsak and Wynn publishers, a solo exhibition called “After Dark” at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts as well as other local shows. I have work currently selling at “ The Hamilton Store” on James Street North as well as private sales. website