Event: Live Image Evaluation

Live Image Evaluation

Moderator: Juraj Dolanjski

The idea behind an image evaluation night is to study the image you submitted and to provide an opinion as to its strengths or weaknesses. The emphasis is on constructive critique, to “see” the image before the capture or to improve it after the capture. Where possible “on the spot” live demonstration may be provided to illustrate the before and after results. live1live2 This event will encourage audience participation, so that we all can get involved and learn about better image taking. Submitted images are anonymous unless the maker wishes to elaborate on some aspects. There is no attempt to provide numerical points to score the image. The score by itself is pretty meaningless; however the comments may be much more instructional. You are encouraged to submit 1-3 images in jpeg format before the event on Feb 12th, 2018.
The idea behind is that you get your images critiqued with the emphasis on learning how to improve them, prior to picture taking or after the fact.
Your names will not be mentioned and there is no scoring. I plan on using Adobe Photoshop for most of the demonstrations.
Demonstrations are aimed at quick and usually simple improvements that result in the greatest benefit.
I do not intend on multi layer, multi hour “fixes”.
It is simply a fun evening where all can participate in discussions to collectively understand the reasons why one image maybe great or why the next image is lacking but could be improved.
To facilitate this, I propose this format:
Each attending member may submit 1 or 2 images. The best way is to submit them in advance.
Please send Jpeg version of your file to:
The Jpeg file can be of any resolution and of any name, but please make sure that it is saved no larger than Quality 8 in Photoshop (to keep the file size down).
No RAW images, please do your own conversion!
Images will be evaluated in the order received, each maker will get their 1st image evaluated before we start with image 2. This will all depend on depth of discussions and quantity of submissions.
Also on February 12 night you can bring your image on media such as USB stick.
However I do encourage you to email it as I do not want to waste the valuable time loading images.
I do not plan on setting print display up, instead please submit the electronic version of the print, that is also much better for sharing with the audience.
  Feb 12 at 7:30 pm Barton Stone United Church 21 Stone Church Rd W Hamilton, Ontario  
Juraj Dolanjski is an Eleven Star Master Photographer, an imaging technology, Audio Visual and software expert.  He has presented lectures at NFRCC and CAPA conventions and is sought after as a photography motivational speaker and workshop instructor in the Greater Toronto area.  His work has been published in Canadian Camera Magazine and in trade publications and brochures.  He has contributed his work to number of photography art exhibitions in the Hamilton and Burlington area. Website