Event: Lightroom Introduction Workshop “Cancelled”

Lightroom Introduction Workshop “Cancelled”
April 18, 2020
Upper Hall: The Columbus Hall of Hamilton
 9 am – 11:30am
HCC Non-Members: $25.00
Presenter:  Virginia Stranaghan
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Limited number of 25 seats

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This workshop will cover 2 Modules of Lightroom, the Library Module and the Develop Module.  Runs from 9am – 12pm There is a lot of information to cover in these 2 modules so it will be a packed morning, and there is the possibility of running a out of time, should that happen we will . I will be providing those that sign up for the workshop with detailed notes on the information we are going to cover as well there will be 4 demo images that will be provided for students to work along with. Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptop and software to the course so they can participate in the hands on. Lightroom can be downloaded from Adobe for 30 day trial if you do not have the software already. **Please ensure you have already installed the software prior to attending class** Downloading Lightroom – 2 choices for the free trial you can download
  1. Adobe Lightroom Classic CC – this will require that you create an Adobe ID if you do not have one already. Here is link to https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/lightroom?promoid=KSPGB download trial version.
  2. The standalone 1 time purchase of Photoshop Lightroom 6 is available but buried on their website it does not offer a trial download. The purchase price is $149.00 here is the link to that page http://www.adobe.com/ca/products/catalog.html?filters=cd_252Fphotography&page=2# scroll down to the box labelled Photoshop Lightroom 6 Digital photo processing and editing.
Library Module: Catalog – Default setup by Lightroom, How to Create a New Catalog, how to Open a Catalog when you have multiple Catalogs, Exporting a Catalog, Copying a Catalog and backing up the Catalog. Library Interface Marking Images –Add keywords, Rating by Stars or Colours, Manually tagging Faces, Tag Images for Removal Importing Images into Lightroom – options available during import process. Creating a Metadata Preset Workflow – Selecting the Best Photos Develop Module Crop Tool Spot Removal Tool Red Eye Tool Gradient Tool Adjustment Brush Show Mask Overlay Various Panels and their effect on the Image Exporting Final Image Workflow Chart – Editing Your Photos If there is time remaining. Stitch a Panorama Create an HDR File