Event: Lewis Katz – The Art of Black and White Photography

Lewis Katz – The Art of Black and White Photography


By first looking at some black and white images from iconic photographers we will discuss the reasons to convert to monochrome : timelessness, contrast, mood, pattern and emotion.  Using personal imagery the black and white conversion process will be demonstrated using both Lightroom as well as Nik software.  Why you should always shoot in color and then convert to monochrome and the importance of the color channels in the conversion process.   How to create more dramatic and powerful images using contrast as well as creative composition.  The program concludes with a brief overview of the Print module in Lightroom to ensure that your prints mirror your monitor.


Lewis had a camera in his hand from the age of 14.  Inspired by his father he began to explore photography more seriously in high school with a darkroom in the basement.  Fast forward many years to his life in Baltimore and his joining the Baltimore Camera Club.  Further inspired by his peers Lewis became an award winning photographer and photography teacher.  He currently teaches at Johns Hopkins University, the Community College of Baltimore Country as well as at the Baltimore Camera Club.  He lives for the aha! moments which only teaching can provide.