Event: High Key – Low Key – Still Life – Hans Voorberg

High Key – Low Key – Still Life – Hans Voorberg

High Key / Low Key / Still Life


Photography offers us many different paths to explore. Still life, close-up and macro photography can open up many exciting doors. With still life the photographer has almost total control of the lighting, mood and composition.

Creative use of lighting can turn almost any subject into a dramatic photograph.

At the different ends of the scale we have high key lighting where the subjects are flooded with light and we have low key lighting that uses light and shadows to create dramatic images. This gives photographer a great latitude of options with which to expand his/her creativity.

Lighting is the single most important element of “Still Life” photography. The way a photographer uses light for still life will add mood, give context, provide interest, and ultimately, create a dynamic photograph.

In this presentation we will exhibit many different examples of high key and low key still life, abstract and close-up shots. As well I will present some practical tips and ideas that hopefully will inspire your own still life photography. This will be an interactive workshop; your questions and comments will be welcome throughout the evening.

Most of the photographs shown will be SOOC with very little or minor post processing.

About Hans

I have lived in the Niagara area for most of my life and am still inspired by the countless opportunities it gives to us photographers. The Escarpment, Lake Ontario, the Bruce Trail, the waterfalls are all there for our cameras.

Photography has been a hobby for over twelve years. I enjoy taking a wide variety of pictures but find that still life, abstract, close-up and macro images are my favourite. It allows for a wide range of creativity and artistic expression….. and you can do it on cold days and stay warm.

Photography teaches us to see the world in a different way. I believe that seeing things through a camera lens has given me a greater appreciation of the amazing world we have been blessed with.

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Please note the date for this event that is listed in the club’s printed brochure is incorrect.  March 20th, 2021 the correct date.


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