Event: Frugal Photographer

Frugal Photographer
Facilitator: Gail MacLellan Camera equipment can be expensive, or maybe you just need to find the right item to make your shot work. Share your DIY (Anything made by a person, rather than a product coming manufactured from a company complete.) project with the HCC. We’re looking for camera gear, studio equipment, something you built to “get the image”, any thing that helps your photography. The item may be something you found online and decided to build for yourself.   Each inventor will get the opportunity to present: * Prepare a 5 minute  presentation on your item. o Let us know the reason you were inspired to create it o What materials were needed o Basics on the construction o How it worked out for you * Bring your invention to have on display during the break and after the meeting Starting Time: 7:30pm Main Hall 1411 Upper Wellington St. Hamilton ON HCC Non-Members: $10.00 payable at door  

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