Event: Finding Creativity – Doug Hansgate

Finding Creativity – Doug Hansgate

Finding Creativity – A Live Edit of members’ images

Doug Hansgate is a professional photographer accomplished in multiple genre’s of photography.  Doug will take original images provided by members and edit them demonstrating the effective use of post processing to bring out the best elements of the image. 

About Doug:

Doug has been shooting professionally and with distinction for over 40 years. His creative approach to photography, coupled with his ability to see and capture light, permeates his impressive body of work. His love of photography, passion for art, and desire to always be the best that he can be in any field, has driven him to excel as a photographer, artist and educator, wood sculptor, master stonecutter, and fine art craftsman.

Doug’s work has been on display in galleries in New York City, Washington DC Smithsonian, Buffalo, PA and Toronto, including the world-famous Ontario Art Gallery. His numerous gallery showings highlight his perceptive and compelling work. Doug is gifted in his ability to view a subject, see and distinguish slight nuances in light and tonal variations, capture that vision through photography and the capabilities of the camera, and express his vision through printed work.


This presentation will be online and guests are welcome. Please contact the HCC for instructions if are not a member.

Zoom venue opens at 7:00 pm for those who wish to socialize.  Meeting starts at 7:30 pm