Event: 2022/23 Events & Photo Essays with Nina Kirienko

2022/23 Events & Photo Essays with Nina Kirienko

Events & Photo Essays with Nina Kirienko

This in-person session will be a bit different in that we will cover not one, but two, topics that are close to the hearts of many camera club members.

Event Photography

The first hour will look at shooting Events.  These won’t be the big formal events like weddings, nor will we look at professional sporting events.  Instead, they’ll be personal and community events that most of us will most likely be shooting or asked to shoot.

We’ll look at how to plan for these events, what gear you might need, how to plan for the unexpected and how to stay inconspicuous and out of everyone’s way.  Sometimes the shots will be posed, sometimes they will be candid.

We’ll even do some hands-on demonstrations right there in our meeting space if the space and time allow – so bring your cameras (and a standard lens or short zoom) with you.  We’ll need 2-3 volunteers.  You’ll be able to use these techniques at your own family or community events.

Photo Essays

The second hour is devoted to photo essays. What are they? Why should we create them?

How often have we travelled to a great place or participated in a wonderful activity and taken hundreds of photographs, only to struggle with how best to share them with friends or family?  You can easily share individual images, but that might not tell the story of the full experience you had.  And just pumping them out one by one, whether over the course of time or at one sitting (remember those family slideshows?) might not be the most entertaining way to present them either.

We’ll talk about how to combine those photographs into an entertaining show, complete with titles, text, music and movement.

We’ll look at the do’s and don’ts, including setting a theme, following a plan, minimizing duplicates no matter how much you love them, and making sure the story has a beginning, middle and end.  What’s too long, too short and just right.  The restrictions around using commercial music.  And how to combine everything together in software, including recommendations for software that is easy to use.

We will also see and critique two of the author’s photo essays, to help us get a sense of what’s good and what ain’t.

About Nina

Nina is the owner of Old Girl Photography.  She is especially drawn to fine art, architectural, landscape and event photography, but enjoys almost any form of image-taking.

The world is full of fascinating natural and man-made landmarks, many of which tell compelling stories of survival or imagination or both.

Nina’s aim is to find and photograph as many of them as she can.  When she does photograph people, she most enjoys portraying them in a place or situation that inspires them.

Nina loves talking about her personal journey and sharing insights along the way.  She has become a regular speaker on the local camera club circuit.  And in July of 2019, she accepted the role of Program and Education Director for the Oshawa Camera Club.  She delights in helping others grow as photographers.

After deciding that it was time take her lifelong passion for photography and “focus” on being an artist, Nina trained through Durham College.  Two scholarships and a permanent residence on the school’s honour roll later Nina says that she made the right choice.  She’s not happy unless she’s learning.

© All of the images in the description of this presentation were created by and are copy-written by Nina Kirienko

To Learn More about Nina and see more of her images check out her web site at OldGirlPhotography.ca

This will be a hybrid meeting where members will be able to participate both in person and via Zoom.  Members who are logged into this web site can find the Zoom meeting information below.

Guests who are interested in attending this Speaker Series presentation should contact our Membership Coordinator at either Membership@HamiltonCameraClub.com or through our web site’s Contact Us page to request details about attending.