Event: Desert and Ice with Ray and Mary Ann Anderson

Desert and Ice with Ray and Mary Ann Anderson

Desert and Ice

Ray and Mary Ann Anderson will present two audio visual shows and would be pleased to discuss in more detail any of the techniques used in their shows.  These include: making dynamic AV shows,  the software used, editing video and stills, music production, time lapse photography, astrophotography including Milky Way and Aurora photography, drone photography, landscape panoramas, and photographing people in natural settings.

  • Namibia: A Desert Adventure

    A narrated show where Mary Ann and Ray take the viewer for an intrepid journey through this remote Southern Africa country.  Namibia is a land of limitless horizons, endless desert and dunes, fascinating nomadic cultures, and has one of the greatest wildlife reserves in all of Africa, Etosha National Park.  It is also home to the largest population of cheetahs in the world, and Mary Ann and Ray had the opportunity to photograph these cats at an unbelievably close range.  Being one of the least densely populated nations on Earth, Namibia offers amazing opportunities for stargazing and night sky photography.  It is a country the Andersons refer to as “a photographer’s dream”.

    Click here to watch the video trailer for Namiba: A Desert Adventure on Vimeo

  • Iceland: Pure and Rugged

    Ray uses this opportunity to share his diverse passions in photography: landscape panoramas, video, drone, time-lapse, and astrophotography.  Iceland is a sparsely populated island with dramatic, wild, and unspoiled landscapes from coast to coast.  It is an island of volcanoes, black-sand beaches, snow-capped mountains, turquoise blue glaciers, erupting geysers, and spectacular waterfalls.  The highlight of Ray’s show is presenting breathtaking views of these otherworldly landscapes with the Aurora Borealis dancing in the background.  Iceland is abounding with such awe-inspiring beauty that even the most seasoned traveler is left speechless.

About Ray and Mary Ann

Traveling for over 35 years, photography has always been part of this couple’s itinerary.  The pair has visited over 45 countries together.  They are particularly attracted to independent travel and exploring less traveled parts of the world — areas that have not yet been spoiled by tourism.  Their curiosity is about the landscape and the culture of each country they visit.  They extend their interest in people to learning about their religious practices and participating in their festivals and celebrations. 

Ray and Mary Ann have been members of the Toronto Camera Club since 1992 and are also actively involved in a photo essay group.  For the past 25 years, they have been producing multimedia presentations of their journeys, and are frequently asked to present at camera clubs and various venues throughout Greater Toronto, as well as other parts of Ontario.  Their goal is to bring something new and different to every show they create – something you don’t see in usual travelogues.  Their current shows incorporate a mix of photo, video, drone and time-lapse images.