Event: Photoshop


Facilitator: Dave Robinson

register_now This workshop is best suited for your members at the basic to intermediate understanding of editing tools.  The majority of the work will be done using Photoshop. People may bring their laptops and work along with me if they want and I will provide you with a number of images I will use in the workshop. This is normally a hands-on course I would teach over about 4 weeks at 3 hours each class with lots of time to experiment and play, so it is fairly condensed and may not be practical to work along with me and try to keep up.  It is a fair bit of material to cover over 3 hours but I think it makes such a difference in understanding the editing process for photography. This workshop will concentrate on three specific areas:
    1. A quick review of colour correction using Photoshop levels and curves and Camera Raw. The concentration here will be to neutralize (or balance) colour images using RGB values in Raw and Photoshop using colour sampling in both levels and curves to achieve neutrality and correct colour and to remove colour castes.
    2. Converting colour to black and white. Don’t let your camera decide the final output of your Black and White images.   The goal here is to discourage the conversion of images to black and white in camera but rather to use the utilities found in Camera Raw, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom to convert Colour images to Black and White to maximize the quality of the images.
    3. Do Layer masks confuse you? This part of the workshop will help you to understand layer masks and how they can be used to enhance your photos. Starting with very basic concepts and applications we will then look at various ways to create masks to isolate areas of your photos for retouching or creating composites or HDR effects using selection tools, ‘colour range’ features and channels. This workshop will help you to grasp an understanding of using masks to create composite images out of your bracketed shots. The day will conclude with a brief look at luminosity masks created from channels in Photoshop.
Approx. time – 3hours Starting Time: 9:00am Study Hall (downstairs) 1411 Upper Wellington St. Hamilton ON
DSC_0024fixDave Robinson is a retired college professor who has a passion for design and photography.  He is a 30 year veteran of teaching in the Ontario, Canada, college system and is the original Coordinator of the Interactive Multimedia Post Grad program at Niagara College, teaching Flash Technology, Graphic Design Techniques, and Video and Audio Production and Editing for Web applications. Dave is a graduate of the State University of New York and Sheridan College and has completed educational courses at Brock University and Niagara College.   Website