Event: Adventures in Still Life with Johanne Voorberg

Adventures in Still Life with Johanne Voorberg

Adventures in Still Live – An interactive workshop

Still life photography is the art of taking the ‘ordinary’ and making it “extraordinary!”  It becomes the job of the photographer to use the tools of composition, background and lighting to craft his/her picture.  Unlike landscape or portrait photography with still life the photographer has almost total control of the subject.

The great thing about still life is that it allows your creative genius to blossom.  Still life allows for a wide range of possibilities including the classic style, abstract expression, minimalism and macro images.  Still life lets you as a photographer develop your own unique style.

In this workshop we will discuss ways to use composition and light to produce a wide array of still life images.  This will be an interactive workshop with lots of opportunity for discussion and experimenting with different ideas.

Bring your camera, tripod,  flash (off camera if possible), other light sources such as a flashlight and a couple of props that you can use to experiment with.  Together we will discover new ideas to inspire and improve our photography.  At same time I promise that we will have a fun and enjoyable morning. — Johanne

Some samples of Johanne’s images can be found on the “Gallery” tab at the top of this description

About Johanne

“I live in Vineland and am a lifelong resident of the Niagara area.  I continue to be amazed by the countless opportunities that this area provides for photographers.  Within fifteen minutes of my home I can count 10 waterfalls.   I believe that photography makes us appreciate the world where we live in wonderful ways that others might miss.”

“Photography has been a passion of mine for over twelve years.  I have sold many of my prints and some of my photographs have been purchased by writers to use as their book covers.”

“I enjoy all aspect of photography but have found ‘still life’ to be my favourite genre.  It’s exciting to see how light can be used to sculpt objects and create dramatic photographs.  To take a mundane object from a kitchen drawer and turn it into a work of art is so much fun.”

“The other great thing about still life is that one can do it on cold and/or rainy days.” — Johanne Voorberg



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