Event: 2022/23 Still Life Photography with Luba Citrin

2022/23 Still Life Photography with Luba Citrin

Still Life Photography with Luba Citrin

In this Zoom presentation Luba Citrin will start by sharing with you her journey into photography in general and into the still life genre in particular.  She will explain her approach to creating storytelling images in any genre; starting with an idea and the creation of a story and then show the behind the scenes execution of creating still life images.

In the second part of presentation, Luba will present a video custom-made for the HCC of her creating from scratch a brand new still life image starting from the idea, followed by the set up, shoot and then the post-processing in Photoshop.  An interactive question and answer period will follow the video.

The 2022/23 Still Life Photography workshop with Luba Citrin will be held at

9:00am on Saturday, January 14 15th, 2023.

About Luba

Computer specialist by profession, Luba took early retirement in 2010 and bought her first digital camera to take on her travels at that time.  Since then, photography has become both a passion and a means to express her view of the world through her images.  Luba is member of Richmond Hill Camera Club and the Toronoto Digital Photography Club.  She is also an accredited judge with Ontario Council of Camera Clubs.  Luba has won numerous trophies at the club level, awards and medals at OCCC, CAPA and Toronto International Salon.  Luba enjoys all types of photography – landscape, still life, night sky photography, but is most fond of creating story telling images – either through altered reality, portraiture or still life.

To Learn More about Luba and see more of her  images check out her web site at lubacitrin.com/


This workshop is Free for members but the non-member fee is $25.