Event: 2022/23 Living Landscapes with Terry A. McDonald

2022/23 Living Landscapes with Terry A. McDonald

Living Landscapes with Terry A. McDonald

In this Speaker Series presentation, Terry will go through his thought processes and the workflow he uses while creating engaging landscapes.  The presentation will discuss some of the basic and advanced “field & screen” techniques as well as some of the considerations necessary for successful landscape photography.

About Terry

Terry McDonald is an artist, author and educator, working in fine art landscape and nature photography.  He approaches photography as both an art and a craft: a solid grounding in technique frees him to explore a variety of visual styles.  As a photographer his goal seems simple enough: capture and recreate the inherent art in nature.  However, nature is not always so accommodating!

Although Terry grew up and has lived most his life in Canada, he has lived, worked overseas in Tanzania, Germany, and England.  Additional travel destinations have included much of western Europe, across Canada, South Africa, south Florida, the Galápagos Islands, Iceland, northern Ethiopia, and Southeast Asia.  Terry lives with his family in Guelph, Ontario, which is his home base for hiking, backcountry canoeing, Nordic skiing, and hosting photo workshops.

Terry’s work has been featured in Photo Life, Light & Landscape, and Luminous Landscape and is in private collections on three continents.

© All of the images in the description of this presentation were created by and are copy-written by Terry A. McDonald

To Learn More about Terry and see more of his  images check out his web site at luxBorealis.com

This will be a hybrid meeting where members will be able to participate both in person and via Zoom.  Members who are logged into this web site can find the Zoom meeting information below.

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