Event: 2022/23 Holiday – Christmas Potluck Celebration

2022/23 Holiday – Christmas Potluck Celebration

2022/23 Holiday – Christmas Potluck Celebration

It’ a holiday Potluck!

Come one, Come All! Bring your favorite dish from home, some holiday cheer, and a healthy appetite. Join friends and fellow members for a festive evening at HCC!

The annual HCC Christmas Potluck IS BACK!! Open to all club members and their significant others, EACH person who is attending is expected to bring a contribution to share with the group.

BUT, there are a few changes (shown in blue)

First, we we will be selecting the clinic assignment topics for the upcoming season at the Potluck.  This should allow the program committee to get a jump on their efforts in the hope that we can have the next season’s program ready a little sooner next year.

Second, to help reduce costs a little, we are asking that you bring your own plate and cutlery this year – making this a B.Y.O.P. event.

Third, to help our members who might not be able to attend the meeting in person, we are going to try to have a limited Zoom element to this event.  That way people who cannot attend will still be able to vote on the assignment topics for next year.  Watch this space for the Zoom meeting details.

Fourth, the start time for the celebration is 7:00pm at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

Now back to the good stuff…

We need some help organizing the event.  If you would like to volunteer or otherwise offer your services, please contact Ted Buck, our President, to make your wishes known.  You never know, he just might be in a position to actually grant a few wishes this holiday season.

To help our planning, please fill in the form below to indicate that you will be attending and if you are bringing a guest.  Also don’t forget to indicate what you would like to bring. Please remember that we need dinner items, sides and desserts. If needed, our volunteer(s) may contact you to see if there is an alternate item you can bring to help make the dinner a success.

Remember, the party begins at 7:00pm

Please let us know what dinner options you might be thinking of bringing to the pot luck.