Event: 2022/23 Basic Camera with Juraj Dolanjski

2022/23 Basic Camera with Juraj Dolanjski

Basic Camera with Juraj Dolanjksi


This workshop is ideal for beginner photographers.  It is also great if you find your new digital camera confusing or frustrating.  Juraj we will try to clarify your camera’s functions and explain various settings with lots of practical examples. The types of cameras covered will be from basic point and shoot to mirrorless and DSLR.  The workshop’s emphasis will be on learning sufficient elements to allow you and the camera to become “friends” – because then will you want to go out with your “friend” and make images together.  A small portion of the workshop will be dicated to basic image composition and a few starting guidelines.  Post-processing with software will not be covered here.


The 2022/23 Basic Camera workshop with Juraj Dolanski will be held

in-person at a location to be announced on

Saturday, October 1st, 2022 at 9:30am

About Juraj

Juraj Dolanjski is an Eleven Star Master Photographer, an imaging technology and audio/visual software expert.  He has presented lectures at NFRCC and CAPA conventions and is sought after as a photography motivational speaker and workshop instructor in the area.  His work has been published in Canadian Camera Magazine and in trade publications and brochures.  He has contributed his work to number of photography art exhibitions in the Hamilton and Burlington area.

Learn More about Juraj’s photographic efforts on his web site at www.fotojuraj.com


In-Person Workshop Details:

Date: October 1st, 2022

Time: 9:30am to noon

Location: TBA

Click here for a Google Map of the location

Suggested Equipment: A camera with manual mode

This workshop is Free for members but for non-members the fee is $25.

Registration is required for all workshop participants.

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