Dundurn Castle Christmas Outing – 2021

Dundurn Castle Christmas Outing – 2021

A Review by Holli Isber –

I am relatively new to photography and joined HCC in the summer 2021 to be involved in outings/workshops and to force me into developing my photography skills. I have signed up for every outing that has been hosted; so ended up at Dundurn Castle this past weekend.

I must admit on my way to the Castle, I did think “I do not need any photos of the inside of an old castle,” however, in the spirit of learning & growing off I went. I knew this would be a good practice session for low lighting.

As with all of the outings this was once again very well organized, details very clear as to what to bring / not bring, etc.  As a new member I truly appreciate the detail as to what to expect. 

There were approximately 30 of us and we were split into three groups. Each group was to spend around 30 minutes on the floor they were assigned. No surprise to anyone, there was plenty of interesting things to photograph and not just an “old castle”.

While some of the rooms were “roped off” and restricted us from entering I found the ropes force me to find a new angle / a new view which then in turn gave me something interesting to photograph. The abundance of small details and interesting features (especially the light fixtures) in the castle made the experience worthwhile.

As a group we moved through each floor and I will declare the basement was my favourite area with it’s long halls, shadows, small rooms tucked in, brass cookware, wine bottles, barrels, stone stairways and alcoves. Each small area had it’s own personality and provided a wonderful canvass.

Overall a wonderful experience and a great learning session for myself.  Thank you for organizing another great outing!

Some of the outing participants have generously shared some of their images from the outing with us in the outing Gallery Page. Be sure to check out some of this interesting work.