Creative Shorts with HCC Members

Creative Shorts with HCC Members

A Review by Tom Kallsen –

Many thanks to Gail for hosting this meeting as well as for all the behind the scenes work that went into making this meeting a great success.

Eleven club members were the presenters for this evening with each one giving us a short presentation on some creative aspect. In between presentations Gail provided us with quotes, information and ideas about and for creativity.

Some topics were about using your camera to create images with different blur effects such as zoom blur and intentional camera movement, ICM, (not to be confused with the normal inability to hold the camera still). We had some tips about creative editing as well as combining creative camera use with creative editing. There were tips on techniques such as camera angles and using angles to avoid distractions in crowded places John spoke on creating and using a Pinhole Camera along with some he has made to show us.

One simple idea, to open the mind and see, was to go to the same place repeatedly and shoot something different each time. That brought to my mind something I did whilst driving the back roads for many trips over many years. One trip I noticed a building that was not new but I didn’t recall. It got me to wonder what else had become so routine to me, I didn’t see it. Each trip I paid attention and, sure enough, there was a lot to see, or see anew, that I had missed.

The portraiture using strobe and light painting was very informative with great example images. In camera kaleidoscope images, Wow, All by using only a filter. Well here I go again, more kit to get!

Something like this evening’s meeting just goes to reinforce my belief that this club is second to none. Our members are friendly and willing to share their knowledge for the benefit of others.

For those HCC members who missed the Creative Shorts presentation or those who would like to see it again, please go to the Member’s Only Tips and Tutorials page. A Zoom recording of the presentation is available there, in the Guest Speaker’s Notes & Presentations section. You must be logged in to view this material.

Kudos and thank you goes out to all of you!